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03/4/2016 9:51 AM  #1

Exciting times

I believe that this young team have something special.. Sort our the back a little and they will do great things.  Some of the touches and moments of pay they produce are better that a lot of the clodders I've seen so far at this level.  Keep the faith! Roll on Monday!


03/4/2016 4:25 PM  #2

Re: Exciting times

You are spot on! Apart from the very obvious  defensive frailties I think we are playing some very progressive football. We need to compete more in a physical which is quite a challenge for players of this age and inexperience. I will support this bunch of players no matter what is happening behind the scenes or on various forums. I am sure the lads appreciate the loyal support they are getting from those who are attending games!


06/4/2016 7:30 AM  #3

Re: Exciting times

Hopefully now that the team have got that elusive win they will have the confidence to build on it. In most people's opinion the performance against Blyth was better than against Whitby but the win has surely made us safe. I spoke to Curtis Burrows after the Whitby game and he said the players were relieved to at last record the win. I also spoke to a few of the Whitby players who were really disappointed thinking that they should have earned a point. Thats football, you don't always get what you deserve. Good luck to Whitby in their remaining games.


06/4/2016 10:04 AM  #4

Re: Exciting times

Adversity has obviously gelled the team together! I am yet again that the lads keep on playing neat progressive football despite everything that has happened. I was worried that there confidence might plummet but they have dug in (thanks G Boycott) and shown real grit! I did not think Whitby were that impressive and they will be lucky to stay up!


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