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12/3/2018 9:59 PM  #1

Teams who have played the least number of home games

This maybe gives an indication of the grounds where postponement due to bad weather  is possible / most likely.

Stafford have played the most home league games (3G pitch)          18   Indicating : Pretty much no risk of postponement

Ilkeston Town, Pershore and Nuneaton Griff have each played          17   Indicating : Only a small risk of postponement

Hinckley have played the least number of home league games          11  Indicating : High risk of postponement

Followed by Walsall Wood and Littleton who have each played          12  Indicating : High risk of postponement

Then followed by Atherstone, RC Warwick, Studley, Copsewood,
Heath Hayes, Uttoxeter, Bolehall
and Alvis who have each played     13  Indicating : Significant risk of postponement

Followed by Cadbury Athletic and Brocton who have both played       14  Indicating : Significant risk of postponement                

Of course there may be reasons other than weather for teams not having played so many home games.

The purpose for me looking at this was because I was wondering what the chances were of us playing at Pershore this coming Saturday if there is more rain.  Looking at the above, we may assume that Pershore must be one of the better grounds as apart from Stafford they have played the most home games or put another way they have probably not had serious pitch problems when playing at home.

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