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27/3/2018 10:28 AM  #1

Hinckley and Racing Club can overtake Ilkeston .......

....if they win their games in hand. But that may change soon as they both have some tricky games coming up including playing against each other on Thursday 5th April

Hinckley's immediate fixtures :
Tonight (Tues 27th Mar) :  Uttoxeter             home    
Thur 29th March            :   Littleton                away   (could be tricky)
Sat 31st March              :   Leicester Road    away    (could be tricky)
Easter Mon 2nd April    :   Lichfield               home
Thur 5th April                :   Racing Club        home     (crunch match)

Racing Club's immediate fixtures  :
Thur 29th March          :   Coventry Alvis      home
Sat 31st March            :   Nuneaton Griff     away     (could be tricky)
Easter Mon 2nd April   :   Littleton               away     (could be tricky)
Thur 5th April               :   Hinckley              away      (crunch match)

Meanwhile Ilkeston have 3 winnable games :
Sat 31st March             :   Cadbury              home
Easter Mon 2nd April   :   Paget Rangers     away
Thur 5th April               :   Cov Copsewood  away  


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