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28/10/2018 6:47 PM  #1

More useless statistics as at 28th October 2018

The Midland Football League Premier Divison is very competitive. So far there have been 138 matches played and  33 matches have been drawn ie 24%.   Ilkeston have only been involved in one drawn game. That statistic has helped Ilkeston to have the best win percentage. Only 5 teams have a win percentage of 50% or over.

                                       Played        Wins     Win %     
1  Ilkeston Town                 15             11          73.3%    
2  Sporting Khalsa             12              8           66.7%
3  Walsall Wood                 14              8           57.1%
4  Worcester City               15              8           53.3%
5  Shepshed Dynamo        14              7           50.0%

Westfields and Highgate United have drawn the most games  (six each)
Lye Town, Stourport Swifts, Loughborough University and Dunkirk have each drawn five games


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