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14/3/2019 11:37 PM  #1

Sin Bins next season

It was confirmed earlier this year that Sin Bins would be introduced across all step 7 leagues from next season. However the Combined Counties Football League have confirmed  "Sin Bins are to be introduced at steps 5 and 6 next season. Letter received today from the FA. There will be training for Clubs and match officials in due course."


Also watch the video "Sin Bins are coming to football! "    https://youtu.be/X_K2IgrbDrE


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15/3/2019 1:38 PM  #2

Re: Sin Bins next season

My god the crappy refs are going to love this .
Is a good thing not quite sure ..


15/3/2019 9:47 PM  #3

Re: Sin Bins next season

The Sin Bin system applies only to players cautioned for showing dissent. 
Under the old system a player would receive a yellow, stay on the pitch and two weeks later receive a £10 fine.
Under the new system the player would be sent off the pitch for a period of ten minutes and would not receive a fine.

The new system was trialled in season 2017-18 and the results were encouraging. The trial produced the following results :
      There was a 38% reduction in dissent
      72% of players wanted to continue with the new system
      77% of managers wanted to continue with the new system
      84% of referees wanted to continue with the new system


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