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19/3/2019 11:41 PM  #1

Next two matches the most important of this season ?

Two massive games away which in my eyes could make or break our season . And these two games will be very hard to get points from especially with .....our terrible record away of late .


20/3/2019 10:18 AM  #2

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

You're dead right Kev. We simply cannot afford to lose at Long Eaton. If we were to lose at Long Eaton and Walsall Wood were to win against Coventry Sphinx, then we will be level on points and the momentum will be with them. We still have to play Walsall Wood so we could recover our lead but we don't really want to be going into that game needing nothing but a win. Walsall Wood's recent 7-0 win against Dunkirk means we now only have a slight goal difference advantage which could soon be whittled away.  A draw at Long Eaton wouldn't be a disaster in my opinion.  They are on fire at the moment and will be desperate to beat us. One thing in our favour is that we normally bounce back after a defeat and we certainly need this to happen. I do think that if we can win at Long Eaton and break the winless away sequence then we can follow it with another away win against Wunfrunians.

I can't see anything but a Walsall Wood win against Coventry Sphinx. Sphinx recently held Khalsa to a draw but they haven't won a league match since 28th December.

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22/3/2019 12:44 AM  #3

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

Duncan Lapping suggested that we could turn the Long Eaton match into a home game if we were to take 500 supporters to Grange Park.  I really think that this could happen. It's only a short journey and our fans know how important this game is. I think that it will be our best ever away support. With 500 fans cheering them on the players are bound to respond. 

It happenned at Heanor when we played them earlier in the season They had a gate of around 900 and the majority who attended were from Ilkeston.
A few years ago when Ilkeston and Eastwood were big rivals we always took loads of fans to Eastwood and it helped us to beat them.


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22/3/2019 1:03 PM  #4

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

A few facts about Long Eaton United:
Long Eaton United have only lost once in their last 13 league matches making them the no.1 form team  (W9, D3, L1).
They are unbeaten in there last 7 league matches
They are unbeaten in their last 6 home league matches
Their top scorer is Ruben Wiggins-Thomas with 14 league goals and he has been voted opposition man of the match 7 times.

Other interesting facts :
Elliott Reeves hasn't scored for Ilkeston in his last 3 matches
Ilkeston have only won 5 away league matches (Walsall Wood and Boldmere have each won 10 )
Boldmere have sneaked up to 6th after winning their last 4 matches and may could finish in the top 3 with 5 of their last 6 matches at home.
Jamie Walker is one of only two players in the MFL Premier Division to have started every league match for his club  (Brandon Ganley, Shepshed keeper, is the other).
MFL Division One side Heather St Johns have won their last 20 matches.

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22/3/2019 8:30 PM  #5

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

So my 3-2 loss my well be right . I just can't see us getting the three points . Plus if we do lose, next weeks game AWAY will bring even more pressure .

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22/3/2019 9:30 PM  #6

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

I don't think we'll lose Kev. I think the team will respond to the massive away support that we should have. On top of that we are well overdue for a change of fortune away from home. We have had no luck at all in our last two away matches at Lye and Romulus. If we score first I think we can win. Elliott is too good to go four games without a goal so I'm expecting him to be back with a bang.
I'm optimistic that we can end our winless sequence and I'm going for :  

Long Eaton United 1
Ilkeston Town         3   (Reeves 2, Walker)


22/3/2019 10:53 PM  #7

Re: Next two matches the most important of this season ?

We'll see pal .

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