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16/10/2019 7:21 PM  #1

New Owner - Mark Clifford

Ilkeston Town have today announced that Mark Clifford is the new owner of the club. Mark has ambitious plans to take the club forward and has investers looking put big money into Ilkeston Town Football Club. Mark who has long history with the club having first played for the club under Keith Alexander in the mid nineties.
More details are to be announced shortly but it appears Ilkeston Town has entered a new era. Never a dull moment at the NMG!!


16/10/2019 7:56 PM  #2

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

There's me thinking we won't last till Xmas and this happens . Brilliant news hopefully .


16/10/2019 10:53 PM  #3

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

Mark Clifford is the new owner of Ilkeston Town FC        By Mark Duffy  (Ilkeston Advertiser)

Ilkeston Town boss Mark Clifford has completed a takeover of the club after successful negotiations with outgoing owner Alan Hardy. Clifford took over as boss at the New Manor Ground in July and has now done a deal with Hardy to buy the club, with investors lined up and what Clifford described to the Advertiser as a 'sustainable model' moving forward. 
He said: "It's taken a while to push it through but I'm thrilled it's now complete. I have a couple of investors that I'm keen to get on board and there are various plans that we will reveal in the coming days and weeks that will detail the sustainable model we aim to create which I believe will never see the club go out of existence again." 
In a statement released this afternoon, Clifford added: "This is an extremely proud day for me and an ambition fulfilled after 25 years in football". “I’m going into this with my eyes wide open knowing that there is a lot of hard work ahead to develop our squad and improve our ground.
“As people are aware my involvement with the Club is not limited to the present time, I have also had time at the Club as a player in the past. Despite much turmoil over the years along with the constant threat of extinction I was pleasantly surprised at the unwavering passion still being shown both within the Club and by the supporters.
“For this reason along with my own personal ambition I decided to use a network of my contacts to try securing help in purchasing the Club, along with moving it forward to where I believe it needs to be.
These people have now committed to investing significant funds in order to purchase the Club and pay off all outstanding debt.
“Their vision and business model in respect of creating a self-sustaining Club whilst enabling me to build a team capable of progressing to greater heights will be exemplary to other non-league clubs and there for all to see in forthcoming press releases.  
“Anyone that puts time, effort and money into a project of this nature deserves tremendous credit and I would like to thank Alan Hardy for the part that he has played in Ilkeston’s history and saving the Club back in July 2017“. There are big challenges ahead but I’ll be surrounded by good people committed to driving our standards, on and off the pitch.
Clifford forged his managerial reputation with a golden spell as number two at Basford United having hung up his boots on a playing career punctuated by league appearances for Mansfield Town and Boston United, and four spells at Ilkeston Town.
“My history with Ilkeston stretches back a long way and while it may appear like a big leap, an opportunity to become the custodian of the Club felt like something that I had to embrace,” said Clifford.  
“There’ll be no immediate change in the running of the team and I’ll still be calling the shots from the dugout on Saturday afternoon but, away from our match days, we will be putting a plan together that can deliver the stability needed to become self-sufficient and successful.
“It’s new, there’s a lot to plan and there will always be bumps in the road, but we hope to be in a position to unveil more details about our structure and our plans very soon.
“I can confirm several millions of pounds are to be invested into the clubs new business model, securing its future, providing better facilities and funds to strengthen the playing staff along with creating a community project that not only supporters, but local businesses and residents can participate in and be proud of. All at the club believe community involvement during these exciting times is paramount in its predicted future success.” 

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17/10/2019 11:01 AM  #4

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

This is a great statement from Mark with his backers , but its going to be a massive job in taking. Love the talk of the better facilities although we do have a good ground but does need attention to bring up to date . 
but most of all is the last statement which is the biggest I have ever heard about the club is the one about the several millions of pounds ( YES YOU HAVE READ THIS RIGHT GUYS ! ) to be invested into the new business model. OMG I cant wait to see the plans for our club I am soooooooooooo nervous but excited at the same time ……...


17/10/2019 4:27 PM  #5

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

Myself and Mr Whiteball met the new owners briefly this afternoon. The new investers who i understand  wish to keep a low profile for the time being have some big plans which will be revealed in due course. From what I have heard I think that we owe a massive thank you to Alan Hardy for what he has put in to the Club since he took over until the very end of his tenure. We all know that the two promotions cost him a lot of money. This season has again been good from a playing point of view but unfortunately the planned financial savings in running costs which he had hoped for under the stewardship of Nick Hawkins have not materialised. 
I for one learned a few things that I wasn't aware of regarding the previous regime and I have to admit that I now feel embarrassed. 
Anyway, here we go again. The new ownership has enabled some good people like Mark Frost to return to help the Club. It would be great if we could have a massive attendance at this Saturday's match against Frickley to welcome and thank Mark Clifford and the new investers who will be at the game. 


17/10/2019 7:35 PM  #6

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

Totally agree hope it's a great turn out for Mark, the club , the staff , the players and of course the fans . Can't wait to hear what plans the owners have got .....
Great to hear that  Mark Frost is on board ....

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18/10/2019 8:42 AM  #7

Re: New Owner - Mark Clifford

We all should start to see a difference even as early as Saturday especially behind the scenes. First signs are that things are going to be a lot better and definitely more upbeat. Everyone within the club will be working hard to improve the image of the club which has suffered recently and over the last ten years due to the constant upheavels. Alan Hardy saved our club in 2017 and now it is up to every fan to help move the club forward under the leadership of Mark Clifford!

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