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18/10/2019 9:03 AM  #1

Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Ilkeston Towns first ever game against Saturdays opponents Frickley was on 19thDecember 1970. Frickley were then known as Frickley Colliery and beat Ilkeston 2-0. The Ilkeston Town line up was Pigot, Coleman, Agnew, Clevely, Tunstall, Smith Dick, Ford, Rann, Smith Bobby, Brown and Elliott.
Tunstall was Head Boy at Ilkeston Grammar School and Dick Smith who also at Ilkeston Grammar went on to captain England Schools. 


18/10/2019 5:02 PM  #2

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Steve Tunstall was a childhood friend of mine who I later lost contact with. He's a bit younger than me. I knew he went on to play for Ilkeston but I never knew that he was head boy at Ilkeston Grammar. Steve's dad, Walt Tunstall also used to play football with us, a lovely man. 


18/10/2019 5:13 PM  #3

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Here we go again. It's the dawn of an exciting new era for supporters of ITFC, the first match under Mark Clifford's ownership. I'm really hoping we get a bumper crowd and the right result.

Apparently there is radio coverage of this match . (see ITFC twitter for details)

But there will still be updates here as usual.

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19/10/2019 2:47 PM  #4

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Ilkeston Town 
1 Ross Durrant, 2 Lavell White, 3 Ryan Campbell-Gordon, 4 Thomas Marshall, 5 Chris Robertson, 6 Dean Freeman, 7 Thomas Fielding, 8 Jermain Hollis, 9 Alex Marshall, 10 Reece Fyfe, 11 Massiah McDonald.
Subs : 12 Fabian Smith, 13 Richard Stainsby, 14 Fernando Bell-Toxtle, 15 Mason Lee.

Frickley Athlettic
1 Thomas Jackson, 2 Reeves Boocock, 18 Thomas Davie, 4 Jack Currie, 5 Bradley McGowan, 6 Todd Jordan, 7 Bradley Wells, 8 Michael Hollingsworth, 9 Jonathon Margetts, 10 Jacob Hazel, 11 Tyler Williams.
Subs :12 Jack Harrison, 14 Elliott Wilson, 15 Oliver Russon, 16 Lewis Bowring. 


19/10/2019 3:01 PM  #5

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Frickley have a new manager and seven new players since we played them in September.

It's kick off time at the NMG Ilkeston attacking the car park end.   And we're off.


19/10/2019 3:07 PM  #6

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Good opening attack by Frickley and Robertson does well to clear the danger.  Just noticed Messiah is wearing No 14. Hazel nearly forces his way through but its Robertson again  who stops him. Great start by Frickley.    0-0      7 minutes


19/10/2019 3:14 PM  #7

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Ilkeston are retaining the ball but no chances made yet. Good powerful shot by Fyfe but keeper gets behind it. Fielding flattened in the area but ref waves play on. Hollis shot charged down. Better by Ilkeston    0-0   14 minutes


19/10/2019 3:17 PM  #8

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Fielding shot nearly finds a way through following free kick routine.   GOAL ILKESTON   Jermain Hollis calmly slides the ball home.      1-0   16 minutes


19/10/2019 3:23 PM  #9

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Danny Gordon has given Belper the lead against Notts County. 
Margetts finds the net for Frickley but he's definitely offside. Ilkeston just about deserve to be ahead. Terrific effort by Fielding is just wide of far post.        1-0     23 minutes


19/10/2019 3:30 PM  #10

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Campbell Gordon sets up Tom Marshall but Marshall miscues. Fielding is prominent. Massiah brought down but still gets a good cross in. Free kick given wide right. Frickley clear. Ilkeston on top now       1-0     29 minutes


19/10/2019 3:37 PM  #11

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Magical skill by Fielding.  Frickley living dangerously in their penalty area but then counter well. Great skill and shot by Fielding but Jackson saves.        1-0         37 minutes


19/10/2019 3:39 PM  #12

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Penalty to Frickley given away by Freeman with clumsy tackle. Margetts scores         1-1      39 minutes.


19/10/2019 3:47 PM  #13

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Durrant does well to  take the ball off Margetts head . Equaliser has given Frickley a boost. Robertson blocks Hazel shot.  It's half timed 1-1.


19/10/2019 4:14 PM  #14

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Todays gate 485.
Good effort by Reco but keeper is good enough. Frickley have started the second half well.  Jackson has to race well out of his area.         1-1          57 minutes


19/10/2019 4:19 PM  #15

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Terrific effort by Hazel doesn't quite curl in at the far post. Good attack by Ilkeston ends with Tom Marshall shot too high. Good counter by Frickley but Margotts can't reach the cross.       1-1        63 minutes


19/10/2019 4:25 PM  #16

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Big chance for Margotts but his shot is deflected  for a corner. Great run by Fielding is so close to causing an own goal.  Goal Frickley   They score on the Break scorer Bradley Wells.       1-2     70 minutes
McDonald replaced by Orlando- Young.


19/10/2019 4:33 PM  #17

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Tom Marshall brought down in good position when about to shoot. Fielding's free kick is too high.  DESPERATE SCRAMBLE IN FRICKLEY GOALMOUTH BUT THEY ESCAPE. 
Penalty Ilkeston   Frickley don't like it    Alex to take.  


19/10/2019 4:34 PM  #18

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

GOAL      2-2    79 minutes

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19/10/2019 4:37 PM  #19

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Alex scores again   No its disallowed


19/10/2019 4:41 PM  #20

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Either side can win it now. Tom Marshall chopped down.  Its only a yellow.  Good gather by Jackson.  Now Tom Marshall booked.      
2-2       five minutes left

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19/10/2019 4:47 PM  #21

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Cambell Gordon shot its just wide after great play by Fielding.Wilson replaces Margotts.  Its end to end both teams looking for a winner.       2-2  89 minutes


19/10/2019 4:50 PM  #22

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Well into added time now.  Frickley win a corner. 


19/10/2019 4:52 PM  #23

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

 And another.    Full-time whistle goes  


21/10/2019 8:55 AM  #24

Re: Ilkeston Town v Frickley Athletic

Ilkeston Town  2   Frickley Athletic  2
Mark Clifford’s first match as owner of the Club ended in a draw as Ilkeston missed the chance of a double over Frickley. The visitors were much improved from when the teams met in September and Ilkeston needed a late penalty equaliser to rescue a point. it was Ilkeston’s fourth draw at the NMG. Frickley opened brightly and Chris Robertson and Dean Freeman both had to avert danger. Ilkeston were retaining possession well but without creating clear chances. Reco Fyfe was first to threaten but keeper Thomas Jackson got behind his powerful strike. Ilkeston then had a penalty shout rejected when the prominent Thomas Fielding went down under challenge in the box. A goal arrived on16 minutes and it was Jermain Hollis who calmly slid the ball home. At this point it looked likely to be a routine Ilkeston win with Fielding showing some outstanding skill on the ball and only Jackson stopping Ilkeston increasing their lead. Then on 39 minutes Frickley were given a lifeline when Freeman gave away a penalty with a clumsy tackle and Jonathon Margetts converted. Jacob Hazel nearly put Frickley ahead on the hour with a wonderful curling shot that deserved a goal. A Tom Marshall shot just cleared the Frickley crossbar then great play by Fielding almost caused an own goal as Ilkeston looked for a winner but It was Frickley who were to score next. A swift counter attack was finished by Bradley Wells. Frickley survived a desperate goalmouth scramble but on 78 minutes Ilkeston’s luck changed when they were awarded a somewhat soft penalty much to the disapproval of the Frickley players. After quite a long delay Alex Marshall slammed in the equaliser. Two minutes later Ilkeston had the ball in the net again only for offside to rule it out. Fielding created an 89th minute chance for Ryan Campbell-Gordon but his fierce shot flew just the wrong side of the post.


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