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06/4/2016 12:17 PM  #1

Stats Update 05.04.16t

The latest stats show that Mike Williams is now Ilkeston's top scorer with ten goals and barring a late surge from Curtis Burrows and Dexter Atkinson is likely to be top scorer for the season. Well done!


06/4/2016 12:19 PM  #2

Re: Stats Update 05.04.16t


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06/4/2016 10:55 PM  #3

Re: Stats Update 05.04.16t

Geat work, Mr Whiteball and very interesting.  I think that it is fitting that Michael Williams looks likely to end the season as top scorer. Well done to Matt Baker for playing over 50 games. It's also interesting to see the number of games now played by some of the relative newcomers into the side.


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