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18/3/2018 2:59 PM  #1

We still have a slim promotion chance

Whilst most realistic supporters have written off our promotion chances, the number of postponements, which keep increasing, may just work in our favour. Racing Club, Hinckley and Walsall Wood all have at least three more matches to pull in than we do and If the bad weather keeps up their plight will become even worse as the number of days in which to pull them in diminishes. No matter how good Walsall Wood may have been so far, playing several matches per week has to take it's toll and may well affect their ongoing results. They will have to play on deteriorating pitches, key players will become tired and pick up injuries and suspensions, they may not be able to get time off work, meaning they will inevitably miss matches. 
Walsall Wood's next two games are tricky ones if they go ahead; Heather St Johns (away) on Tuesday then Littleton (away) on Thursday. If they were to drop points in these two games then it could be an interesting final five weeks of the season.
Meanwhile Ilkeston have brought in two strikers to enhance their chances of a strong finish. Our away game at Brocton on Tuesday may well be in doubt but after that we have two home games which are unlikely to be postponed whatever the weather. The first home game this Saturday is Racing Club Warwick which we must win. If we can do that then we will have a spring board to go on an unending winning run.  Our final three matches include Racing Club away and Walsall Wood away and the outcome of these two games could decide our destiny. If we were to win both those matches and be in with a promotion chance then we would surely take a massive crowd to Chelmsley for the final match.

Ok,  promotion may not happen but if we can win every remaining match it's got to be close.


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