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05/5/2018 9:38 PM  #1

Today's results - Sat 5th May

Today should have been the end of the season but there are still some matches not yet played.

Today's results :

Bolehall Swifts  3  Lichfield City  0
Brocton  0  Atherstone Town  2
Heath Hayes  2  Stafford Town  2
Littleton  3  Leicester Road  2
R C Warwick  11  Coventry Alvis  2
Studley  3  Hinckley AFC  1
Walsall Wood  6  Nuneaton Griff  2

Defeat for Leicester Road at Littleton has given Atherstone the opportunity to clinch third place. The Adders only need a point from their final match against whipping boys Coventry Alvis.

Congratulations to Bolehall. After 22 games without a win the mighty Swifts scored a 3-0 victory against Lichfield.

Hinckley can now only finish 5th or 6th after losing 4 of their last 5 matches. R C Warwick are 2 points behind them with a game in hand. Hinckley still have to play R C Warwick so if they beat them they will finish 5th. If R C Warwick win then they will finish 5th and Hinckley 6th. If it's a draw then Racing Club need to win their final game at Littleton to finish 5th above Hinckley.

Walsall Wood's final game is home to Bolehall so it looks like they will finish on 110 points  (15 points more than Ilkeston).


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