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04/5/2016 8:39 AM  #1

Looking ahead to next season

Although the 2015/16 season is barely over many supporters are turning their thoughts to next season. Most would agree that two or three experienced players would transform our team into serious promotion challengers, so who should we be looking at? The Club have suggested that they would consider bringing in players who could also help with coaching. This may appeal to decent players in their late twenties looking to stay in the game and going for their coaching badges. If we were considering having a player manager this may appeal to a top class player looking to get into management and who is more interested in getting a chance than getting paid big money. Despite what one supporter said on the other forum about Ilkeston's tarnished reputation, the opposite is true. Ilkeston FC have an excellent name and are highly thought of and respected within the game. Many players have thanked the Club in writing after they have left for the way they were treated whilst at the Club. James Reid and Joe Doyle are two examples that I know of. Someone suggested that James Reid may consider returning, I for one would love that to happen. He's not been a regular choice at Nuneaton so he maybe tempted to come back to Ilkeston as he's fairly local (less travelling) and knows he would be a favourite with supporters. Most supporters would agree our main priorities are an experienced central defender and a goalscorer. Let's hope we can find them.


04/5/2016 9:33 PM  #2

Re: Looking ahead to next season

Update  :  Everything at the NMG is progressing nicely. An announcement is likely soon. Exciting times are ahead and a lot of supporters will be pleased with the future plans.

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05/5/2016 5:29 AM  #3

Re: Looking ahead to next season

Good news for the many supporters who have enquired and sent good wishes. Spoke to Nigel last night.  He's home and is starting to feel a little better. 

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05/5/2016 5:18 PM  #4

Re: Looking ahead to next season

Tell him his nephew sends his best wishes.. Hope he is doing well.  Looking forward to a great session ahead


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