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06/6/2016 7:41 AM  #1

Fans Forum - Wednesday 8th June

Come along to the fans forum if you can. There may be a surprise guest.


09/6/2016 2:58 PM  #2

Re: Fans Forum - Wednesday 8th June

The Feedback Sandwich
In teaching you are always encouraged to use five positives to every negative when giving feedback! I think it's a very generous feedback sandwich! I preferred to make them with doorsteps of plain white warburtons no fancy seeded organic malted nonsense!
Bread - PH "wants to see things run better at IFC"
Bread - PH "said he needs some experienced players"
Bread - PH "looking to bring in quality"
Bread - PH "players need good mentors"
Bread - PH "part time players of suitable quality are a definite possibility"
Filling - PH "Williams has been offered a contract but has not committed yet!"
Bread - LH "my brother lives locally"
Bread - PH "wants to improve connection between supporters ad club"
Bread - PH "wants to get a full squad before freindlies to avoid fielding trial Lists"
Bread - PH "has been assured funds will be available if right players become available"
Bread - PH "no way would have taken job if club not financially secure"
Filling - PH "Jordan Wheatley has not yet signed a contract"
Bread - PH "Jordan has been offered terms"
Bread - PH "academy will stay full time"
Bread - SW "develop right system with right players"
Bread - SW "Ilkeston will be difficult to beat because they will be fit"
Bread - SW "communication with fans will be vitally important"
Filling - PH "Luke Shaw and Curtis Burrows were released because they could not be guaranteed first team football and they at a stage in their careers were they need to play football"
Bread - PH "new young player signed from Burton"
Bread - LH " heroes were Romario, Baggio and Ronaldo"
Bread - LF " heroes were Gazza and Rio Terdinand"
Bread - MB "heroes were Steven Gerard and Jamie Carragher"
Bread - DG "heroes were David Beckham and Paul Scholes"
Filling - PH "do not like working with agents"
Bread - PH "Matt Baker will be club captain"
Bread - PH "promotion is the target for the season"
Bread - PH "will have monthly fans forum if fans want it"
Bread - PH "first team will be the most important thing at Ilkeston Football Club"
Bread - Just short of 100 fans attended forum

PH Paul Holland
SW Steve Walsh
LH Liam Hearn
LF Luke Foster
MB Matt Baker
DG Danny Gordon

That my feedback sandwich and thanks to Steve Welsh for introducing us all to the feedback sandwich!


09/6/2016 8:59 PM  #3

Re: Fans Forum - Wednesday 8th June

It was a good turnout and everyone there seemed happy with the assurances and words of wisdom provided by Paul Holland and Steve Welsh. Liam Hearn and Luke Foster also contributed well. Paul Holland stated that the Club needed all supporters onside so lets hope that this is a new beginning for the Club and supporters working together.

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10/6/2016 9:28 PM  #4

Re: Fans Forum - Wednesday 8th June

Paul Holland did really well by "answering" many of the questions before they were asked despite declining any prior knowledge of what would be asked. I don't think the forum could have gone any better from the Club's point of view. 

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15/6/2016 8:23 AM  #5

Re: Fans Forum - Wednesday 8th June

Paul Holland has agreed to do more Fans Forums if required. 

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