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05/7/2016 11:06 PM  #1

Possible first team 20016/17 season

By my reckoning this is our first team squad at present:

Keepers      (2) : Ross Durrant, Jamie Hannis

Defenders  (6) :  Matt Baker, Luke Foster, Rory Coleman, Max Thornberry, Connor Walters, Brandon Clarke

Midfield       (5) : Danny Gordon,  Mark Shelton, Haydn Goddard,  Keanan Meakin, Ben Morris,

Forwards    (5) :  Liam Hearn, Dexter Atkinson, Luis Rose, David Jones, Tevahn Tyrell,

Two of last season's team appear to have not yet committed their futures. Therefore there is still a possibility of Roy Lee signing but Michael Williams is likely to move to a higher league.  From the above squad this possibly could be the opening day lineup :

1 Ross Durrant,  2 Rory Coleman,  3 Mark Shelton,  4 Haydn Goddard,  5 Luke Foster,  6 Matt Baker, 7  Luis Rose, 8  Danny Gordon, 9  Liam Hearn, 10 Roy Lee (if available)  or David Jones, 11  Dexter Atkinson.

The pre season friendlies will give all players the chance to stake their claim. Jamie Hannis, Max Thornberry, Brandon Clark, Keanan Meakin, Ben Morris, Connor Walters and Tevahn Tyrell will be pushing to get into the team or to be on the bench at the very least.

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06/7/2016 11:37 AM  #2

Re: Possible first team 20016/17 season

We look a bit thin on midfield cover with only five players. An experienced midfield general would fill the gap nicely! A Darren Caskey, Paul Raynor or John Knapper type! Obviously a younger version though!


07/8/2016 4:04 PM  #3

Re: Possible first team 20016/17 season

Following the pre season games a few new players have forced their way into contention. Jak Kenworthy has regularly been wearing the number 2 shirt and Jaylon Bather has also forced his way in. Anthony Dwyer is popular with many fans as is Anton Brown although the latter has been unavailable recently. Also, it appears that Michael Williams may also decide to stay with Ilkeston. There are no more pre season games before the big kickoff but that doesn't mean no more additions to the squad. Paul Holland's first team choice is by no means clear. 

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12/8/2016 8:50 AM  #4

Re: Possible first team 20016/17 season

GOOD NEWS : Michael Williams was at training last night and heard him say "See you Saturday" when he left. Sounds like he intends to stay. 

BAD NEWS : Liam Hearn has joined Alfreton.

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