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08/4/2019 9:55 AM  #1

Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

What a game this promises to be and It would be fitting if we had a massive four figure gate to help get us on over the line. To achieve successive promotions would be an outstanding performance. A win would almost certainly be enough to get us promoted. (We would actually need one more point from the two remaining matches to be mathematically certain.)

Ilkeston's home record is far and away the best in the league with 16 wins and just 2 defeats. But Walsall Wood have easily the best away record: played 18, won 12, drawn 2 and lost only 4. Ilkeston are the Premier Divison's highest scorers with 78 goals from 35 matches. Walsall Wood have the best defensive record with only 32 goals conceded in 35 games. Everything points to an unmissable final home game.

Walsall Wood know that they need to win to have a realistic chance of grabbing promotion. If Walsall Wood were to win then they would feel that they had the momentum to go on and take the prize. A draw would leave Ilkeston still in pole position with two away games to play. Victory over already relegated Dunkirk looks probable but a win in the final game against Loughborough University is by no means certain as the Scholars may need the points to stave off relegation.

Walsall Wood's final two games are against Sporting Khalsa and Wolves Sporting. Sporting Khalsa will be a tough game but if they win it and need to win by a big score in their final game then they have the ideal opponents in Wolves Sporting who have already conceded 103 goals.

The result of the Ilkeston v Walsall Wood match is therefore crucial in deciding which team gets promoted. If we win we're almost home and dry. If we lose then the promotion outcome will probably go down to the wire and be decided on the final day of the season. 

My worst nightmare is if Walsall Wood beat us, then beat Sporting Khalsa because they definitely have the easier final match. 
It would be a crushing disappointment to miss out now so let us make sure of the prize on 20th April in front of our own supporters.


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09/4/2019 1:10 PM  #2

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

Hope everybody will be thirsty . I've got a pin (35pts) of The Gready King from Muirhouse and a pin of Mosaic from Aurora breweries coming. The third should be Infinity from Blue Monkey . But this one might get the next barrel up a firkin (70pts) ....will confirm Mon

Will it be in the program ?

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10/4/2019 4:30 PM  #3

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

Certainly could be Kevin!


12/4/2019 4:35 PM  #4

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

The third beer will be Infinity from Blue Monkey brewery.


14/4/2019 8:10 PM  #5

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

Ilkeston and Walsall Wood are both worthy of promotion. We've met three times so far in the last two seasons and Ilkeston have won a tight match on each occasion. Is it Walsall Wood's turn to get lucky? Every team in the league will be watching the progress of this match on their mobile phones. I wonder which teams will be hoping for an Ilkeston win and which teams will be hoping for a Walsall Wood win. Walsall Wood are the late goal kings so I hope that we're not hanging on in the last ten minutes. I really hope that we get the 1000 plus crowd which this match deserves. Our supporters can play a big part and get us over the line.

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16/4/2019 6:12 PM  #6

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

Apparently there has been a rumour that Saturday's match is off.  That is not the case . 

This morning there was a break-in at the clubhouse. The cctv system was disengaged, a window was smashed, a large screen television was stolen, the fruit machine emptied and destroyed, drinks and chocolates stolen. The police have attended the scene and staff and volunteers have now cleaned up the mess. A sad day.

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18/4/2019 1:36 PM  #7

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

Only 48 hours before the nerves really begin to kick in. This is Ilkeston's biggest game for a long while. Walsall Wood need nothing less than a win to overhaul us. We can afford to draw and still be favourites to get promotion. Make no mistake, the team will be going all out for the win.  If the match was at Walsall then I would be worried. As it's at the NMG I feel more confident. We have the players to win and we have the manager to give us the best chance. We also have amazing supporters who can lift the team. I hope all the proud Ilkeston people who don't normally watch us will come and cheer us on and share our exciting and emotional day. This sort of match doesn't come round very often. 

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18/4/2019 3:06 PM  #8

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

I did say that the beer from the Blue Monkey brewery would be Infinity but sorry to say they didn't have any left ….but the good news I`ve the BGSips back from them …….Phew 


20/4/2019 7:57 AM  #9

Re: Last home game : Ilkeston v Walsall Wood

It's here :  Our day of destiny.  May the best team win.
If we win, may we win with pride but also with respect for our opponents.
If we lose may we lose with dignity. 
If we draw let both teams celebrate together.

Perhaps someone involved in the break-in will be there. Maybe looking for the torch they left behind. 


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