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12/8/2016 2:27 PM  #1

Ilkeston v Stafford Rangers

At this point in time the game tomorrow is still on. The problems which caused the suspension are I believe in the process of being sorted. Hopefully the club will be making an announcement later this afternoon!


12/8/2016 3:02 PM  #2

Re: Ilkeston v Stafford Rangers

Ilkeston manager Paul Holland has spoken positively on the clubs You Tube feed about the issues surrounding the club this week. He also explained why Liam Hearn has moved to Alfreton Town and why Jamie Hannis and Keenan Meakin have gone on loan to Long Eaton United. Paul talked about the positive atmosphere in the camp despite the issues of the last twenty four hours.
Like most fans the management are hoping to be able concentrate on football tomorrow. Stafford Rangers are one the sleeping giants of non league football who had fallen on hard times. They believe that the good times are on their way back to the Marston Road club. My best memory of Stafford Rangers is an away game where one of their forwards chased a through ball three yards clear on goal. Unfortunately for him it was Daley Thompson who chased him down. Daley may have been as quoted on BBC this week the greatest athlete Britain has ever produced but more importantly he was a Robin. The pinnacle of his career! (I did point this out to him. He was very polite)

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12/8/2016 5:39 PM  #3

Re: Ilkeston v Stafford Rangers

The game tomorrow is off! The club will provide more iformstion as it becomes available!

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