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23/4/2019 9:58 PM  #1

The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

Loughborough lost their penultimate match tonight against Coventry United 1-0.  

What a finish to our season. Ilkeston and Walsall Wood are neck and neck with one match each to play.
It couldn't be closer. Our 7-0 win on Easter Monday has put us back in with a chance after it seemed like we had blown our chances on Saturday. 

First of all we have to match Walsall Wood's final match result. That almost certainly means we have to win as Walsall Wood look sure to beat bottom side Wolverhampton Sporting. 
Because our goal difference is 4 better than Wood's and we have scored more goals than them, assuming that we both win, Wood have to win by 5 goals more than Ilkeston. 
Most people will be expecting Wood to win by a biggish margin.
Ilkeston have a much more difficult match against Loughborough who are a very decent side on their day.

So for Ilkeston to realistically put the game beyond Walsall Wood we have to be looking at winning by at least 3. 
Walsall Wood would then have to win by 8 to pip us. 

Do we pick a side to score goals from the off or do we try to ensure sure we don't concede any to start with, then go for the win later.

Personally, I can see both matches being quite close.
Wolverhampton Sporting won't want to be beaten heavily and personally, I think they will give Wood a good game.
Likewise, I would settle for any kind of win for Ilkeston, even by a single goal. 

How about         Loughborough University  0  Ilkeston Town  2 
                           Walsall Wood  4  Wolverhampton Sporting  1

That would be most acceptable.

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24/4/2019 8:05 AM  #2

Re: The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

Wolverhampton Sporting may have only won five league matches but one of those five was against Walsall Wood by 4-0 in the reverse fixture on 27th November. Their other wins have been against Loughborough University, Coventry Sphinx, Long Eaton United and Stourport Swifts.

Loughborough University have won 10 of their 37 league matches. The most noteable being a 2-0 win against Sporting Khalsa. They also beat Coventry Sphinx 3-1 last Saturday. Ilkeston won the reverse fixture at the NMG by 4-1.


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25/4/2019 8:25 AM  #3

Re: The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

The first priority is that we win the match. That should be possible
We then have to win by as big a margin as possible. Not so easy

This is my dream start necessary to instil confidence : 
We score first. To go behind would be a major setback. We need to take the chances that come our way and put the game beyond Loughborough as early as possible.
Ideally, we score a quick goal and follow it up with another in the first 15 minutes. We score again before half time to lead 3-0. The game should then be won leaving us in position to hold on to what we've got and to try and add further goals on the break.

3-0 ought to be enough to see us promoted

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26/4/2019 2:47 AM  #4

Re: The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

This match reminds me of when Ilkeston FC were in a similar situation in the 2014-15 season. On that occasion Ilkeston were trying to get into the Northern Premier League playoffs. The position then was that on the final Saturday of the season Ilkeston had a one point lead over Blyth Spartans. Blyth had an easy looking home game against lowly Marine so realistically we had to win our tough away game at Nantwich to be sure of finishing in the final playoff spot. James Reid put us ahead in the first minute but Nantwich were a good side and deservedly equalised. At half time came the unbelievable news that Blyth Spartans were losing 2-0. Our game at Nantwich ended 1-1 and Blyth had pulled a goal back against Marine. We had an anxious wait for the Blyth result to come through before we could celebrate.

So results don't always go to form in a one-off situation. Let's hope that we are celebrating at 5pm this Saturday.

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26/4/2019 9:40 AM  #5

Re: The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

At the start of the season, to finish 18th meant you would be relegated. Loughborough University will finish 18th regardless of the final match result against Ilkeston so they will not have the massive incentive of needing to win to avoid relegation. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't want to win for pride but hopefully, it will reduce their intensity to get a result. 

The build-up to this match is making it feel as big as the playoff final against Curzon Ashton.

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28/4/2019 4:07 AM  #6

Re: The Promotion Decider - Loughborough Univ v Ilkeston - Sat 27th April

There were huge celebrations at full time by the players and fans on the pitch. The league officials had to wait a long time before they could present the trophy and medals. There were then celebrations in the bar/ eating area until about 6 30 then the players and staff came back to Ilkeston's clubhouse for further celebrations.

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