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12/8/2016 9:56 PM  #1


Does anybody know why the supporters forum has gone down?


12/8/2016 10:38 PM  #2

Re: IFCSG Forum

I can only assume that action has been taken following a complaint and threat of legal action. At least one of their posters has finally gone too far with accusations against IFC personnel. 


12/8/2016 11:02 PM  #3

Re: IFCSG Forum

Maybe Lee Francis or one of the IFCSG forum moderators could enlighten the IFCSG forum users on here.

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13/8/2016 12:41 PM  #4

Re: IFCSG Forum

Duncan Payne has posted the reasons for closing down the forum on their website. He has my sympathies, been there myself and know how he feels. We all believe in free speech but it does come with responsibility. Some posters can't see the boundaries! Maybe they never will!
This forum will keep going and try to keep fans informed of what is happening! I will be posting from Eastwood this afternoon on what is going to be a veto odd first day of the season!
PS you can register on this site if you wish!

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