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30/5/2019 11:10 AM  #1


Apparently were close to getting a new CEO . But who will it be ? Ideally I would chose Andrew Raisen, but I can't see him coming here . So who will we get ? 
Just hope it,s sorted asap coz we don't want to left behind for the new season . Yes i know it's only just finished but we still need to get this sorted in the very near future .

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30/5/2019 11:55 AM  #2

Re: CEO.

Big shoes to fill replacing Anthony Redwood but it been set up for someone. The clubhouse is making money for the club, two promotions, sponsors starting to regain confidence in the club and a thriving junior section. The right person will have a solid platform to take the club forward and continue to build its links with the community. I am sure Alan Hardy has it on hand and will announce an appointment soon. Like you Kevin I'm already counting down the days till we are off again on this weird and wonderful journey which is following football in Ilkeston!!
Did I forget to mention the dynamic media team particularly the excellent programme??


30/5/2019 6:22 PM  #3

Re: CEO.

This appointment will be very very important to the club. What a fantastic promotion we've just had , I ve savoured it and it's something I will never forget . But now I am looking forward . As in who will be the new CEO , any players coming in apart from the one Stapleford, season ticket price ( will the entry price go now ? ) , Oh and getting the real ales sorted .....

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30/5/2019 9:51 PM  #4

Re: CEO.

There will be lots of things to be sorted when the new CEO is appointed. Until then I presume there are lots of things up in the air.
After drinking the real ale at the presentation that would be one of my priorities now. I  have still not decided on a real ale venue to watch the Champions League final as yet. Its between the Batemans and the Cat n Fiddle at the moment. ( Im presuming its not on at the clubhouse?)

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31/5/2019 7:31 AM  #5

Re: CEO.

Not got anythin planned for this game .  Will be putting ales on on the two sat home friendlies. The one that kicks early I will put on the larger barrel on coz if there IS any left after the game it will be ok for the due later .

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31/5/2019 4:43 PM  #6

Re: CEO.

Like other fans, I was concerned to know that necessary administrative duties were being carried out since Anthony Redwood vacated his position. After making enquiries I’ve been assured that there’s plenty happening behind the scenes. Let's hope that it won't be long before plans are revealed. 

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18/6/2019 8:39 AM  #7

Re: CEO.

My guess is that there will not be a direct replacement for Anthony as this will save the Club a fair amount of money. However, we do need to have someone who can make decisions. Maybe we could have some sort of committee with one elected person who can make "on the spot" decisions which have to be made quickly.


18/6/2019 7:18 PM  #8

Re: CEO.

Just want to know whats going at this moment of time as in what budget have we really got . I understand the cuts but still would like to know .
Have we signed anyone else on to the squad etc etc etc .

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