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20/6/2019 8:12 PM  #1

Meeting with the new CEO

The supporters group at their last meeting Weds 19th June have requested a meeting with the new CEO Nick Hawkins which he has accepted with the date of Mon 8th July ……….


30/6/2019 6:13 AM  #2

Re: Meeting with the new CEO

Don't forget, tomorrow Monday 1st July at 7:00 pm there will be a Fans Forum with Cheif Operating Officer Nick Hawkins, who will be discussing the following topics:
             Targets for the club
             Plans on moving forward
             The club's financial position
             There will also be a 20 minute Q&A           7:00 pm in the Clubhouse.  

After much speculation about the Club's future and the departures of Ian Deakin, Craig Swinscoe and Martin Lench, this is an opportunity to hear what Nick Hawkins has to say on behalf of the Club. 
Not sure who else will be there from the Club. Hopefully, manager, Lee Fowler will attend.


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30/6/2019 10:01 AM  #3

Re: Meeting with the new CEO

Only 20 minutes ????????

i cant get but i`ve submitted my questions on twitter ........only trouble tho is that i wont know if they have been asked or the answers .

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30/6/2019 12:06 PM  #4

Re: Meeting with the new CEO

I don't think the 20 minutes mentioned for questions and answers will be strictly adhered to but maybe supporters should have a spokesman to ensure that the most pertinent questions get asked. 


02/7/2019 8:04 AM  #5

Re: Meeting with the new CEO

The fans forum was attended by a bigger than usual audience and Nick Hawkins was the sole speaker on behalf of the Club. This is a summary of what was said as far as I can remember:
Mr Hawkins gave a lengthy and optimistic talk on the Club's plans for the coming season and his part in it. He revealed that his job is to turn around the £250,000 losses of the two previous seasons. That will be done by maximising income in various ways and cutting costs. He said that he is personally hoping to bring in £50,000 in through sponsorship. He stated that he is not on the Club's payroll and that he will be paid through a commission only agreement based on results. He spoke about an optional  'payment by card' system he wanted to introduce at the turnstiles which was not well received. He said he wished to set up a committee to oversee and monitor the Club's financial progress and would like supporter participation in this. He told supporters that the Club now needed a period of consolidation rather than another promotion push stating that the Club would likely be unable to afford another promotion at present as running costs would be much higher at Step 3.  When asked directly, he assured supporters that there was no danger of the Club going under just now and that they were ready for the coming season although only about a dozen players had committed so far. The Club had lost some of last year's players and the playing budget had been trimmed. He said that Lee Fowler is in sole charge of team matters and the Club still needed a Club Secretary. He was asked if Ilkeston would be playing in the FA Cup and FA Trophy in the coming season. His reply was that he thought they would be able to participate but this was challenged by some supporters who thought otherwise due to either application deadlines or Mr Hardy's ownership of Notts County.
Mr Hawkins's talk was met by much scepticism at various points but he persevered with his vision and the two-hour meeting ended at 9pm.


09/7/2019 9:00 AM  #6

Re: Meeting with the new CEO

kevilsonlad wrote:

The supporters group at their last meeting Weds 19th June have requested a meeting with the new CEO Nick Hawkins which he has accepted with the date of Mon 8th July ……….

The promised meeting with the Supporters Group Committee took place at the Little Acorn last night. 
The need to raise money for the Club was the overall message and many ways of doing this were discussed at length.  The Supporters Group was urged to take charge of the fundraising effort.
Mr Hawkins spoke about his plan to set up a "Board" to monitor the progress of the Club's finances. The Board would meet on a regular basis ( monthly or more frequently if necessary) and it was suggested that it would include the following personnel :
            a treasurer to record money in and out
            the Club Secretary,
            possibly 2 major sponsors, 
            a Supporters Group representative
            a Juniors representative.
The Supporters Group initially felt that they should have two representatives. Zane said he would like to put himself forward as the Supporters Group representaive.
Mr Hawkins spoke of his hopes and plans to bring in two or three additional major sponsors.
He also spoke about planned matchday changes to maximize income
            Increasing publicity/advertising of home matches
            New matchday Hospitality offers (£20 hospitality package including fish, chips and peas)
            Limiting players to two complimentary season tickets for guests
            Changes to the matchday programme
Mr Hawkins stated that after speaking to Mark Frost, he had been assured that we would be playing in the FA Cup and FA Trophy. (A place in the FA Cup is potentially a significant source of income)
Mr Hawkins again pushed his plans to introduce a charge card for supporters to use for payments to the Club but was cautioned by members of the Supporters Group that in their opinion, take up would probably be minimal.
Mr Hawkins then spoke about the Club's prospects on the field and the players they hoped to bring in to strengthen the current squad. In his opinion, the standard of football at our new step 4 level would not be a big jump from last season and he expected us to have a decent season. With a few astute signings, he said we could expect to finish in the top eight and when asked where we could expect to finish with our current depleted squad he said we should still finish at worst, 15th.  However, he stated that the next level up (step 3) is a serious step higher in football quality. Clubs at this level pay very much higher players wages and so attract the better players making it very difficult for Clubs with less financial support to compete with them.
Mr Hawkins gave recognition to the ability of manager Lee Fowler after Saturday's come back win at Airbus. He also praised unsung hero Jermain Hollis. Mr Hawkins said that someone named Clarke would be joining the Club to assist Lee Fowler.

Hope I've got everything right and didn't miss anything important. The meeting lasted 3 hours and ended at 10 pm.


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