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12/7/2019 2:00 PM  #1

F A Trophy draw and FA Cup draw (and prize money each round)

Ilkeston have a bye in the extra preliminary round matches to be played Sat 28th September 2019.
In the Preliminary round Ilkeston have been drawn away to Bedworth United to be played Sat 12th October 2019.
Winners receive £2250, Losers receive £750


FA Trophy Prize money:
                                                  Winners       Losers
                                                       £                  £
Extra Preliminary round               1500              500
Preliminary round                        2250              750
First round qualifying                   2450              800
Second round qualifying              3000             1000
Third round qualifying                  3750             1250

First round proper                        4500             1500
Second round proper                   5250             1750
Third round proper                       6000             2000
Fourth round proper                     7500             2500
Semi-final                                    15000            5000
Final                                            60000           30000

Bedworth United were in the Southern League Premier last season but they finished bottom and were relegated with only 19 points from 42 matches. This season they are in the Southern League Division One Central.

Ilkeston have been drawn away to Loughborough University in the extra preliminary round to be played Sat 10th August 2019.
Winners receive  £2250 , Losers receive £750


FA Cup Prize money :              Wiinners        Losers
                                                      £                   £
Extra preliminary round               2250             750
Preliminary round                        2890             960
1st round qualifying                     4500            1500
2nd round qualifying                    6750            2250
3rd round qualifying                   11250            3750
4th round qualifying                   18750            6250

The FA Cup match at Loughborough University will now be our first competitive game of the season as it is scheduled for the Saturday before our first league match against Cleethorpes Town.


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12/7/2019 10:56 PM  #2

Re: F A Trophy draw and FA Cup draw (and prize money each round)

I think we must have done something wrong 3 draws 3away games


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