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25/7/2019 7:10 PM  #1

Ilkeston's best starting XI

After seeing all of the pre-season games so far except the Notts County match, this is the lineup I think I would start with : I'm assuming Matt Baker isn't available for selection and I keep thinking I've missed someone.

  1  Richard Stainsby (or Brandon Ganley)
  2  Lavell White
  3  Billy Bennett
  4  Courtney Richards 
  5  Tom Marshall
  6  Mitch Robinson
  7  Reco Fyfe
  8  Jermain Hollis
  9  Elliott Reeves  (Alex Marshall when Elliott leaves)
10  Fabian Smith
11  Jamie Walker
12  Kieran Rowland

Last season's players that will be missed:
Chris Shaw
Matt Baker
Kyle Dixon
Tim Hopkinson
Deon Meikle
Malachi Lavelle-Moore


26/7/2019 12:27 AM  #2

Re: Ilkeston's best starting XI

John you need to start again

Please do a team after the next two games


26/7/2019 1:35 AM  #3

Re: Ilkeston's best starting XI

So what would your team be Alex as you obviously don't like my choices?

I've played it safe and gone with a lot of players from last season because I know what they can do. 
Are you thinking that in the next two games, a couple of new faces will emerge as genuine contenders?

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26/7/2019 1:07 PM  #4

Re: Ilkeston's best starting XI

Id go for the following team on what I have seen so far:-

White Robinson Marshall T Bennett
  Fyfe Hollis Richards Walker
        Marshall A Reeves

Subs Smith Baker Rowland Wakefield Stainsby

I still think we need more depth and more options up front especially with Reeves departure in September! I hope Matt Baker comes back into the fold as a club we need him. Of the other trialists I have not seem enough of them yet to make proper judgment. Palmer needs to prove his match fitness, McDonald will be an asset if he decides to sign. Nadat needs more time to settle. Parker would be OK as a squad player but again needs to get match fit. Bertram looked usefull but picked up an injury.

Overall I think we have a team to compete in the NPL but we will look a bit threadbare without more players being added to the squad. However Alex is right things may look completely different after the next three pre season games. Like John I keep on thinking that I have missed somebody out!!


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