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30/7/2019 12:33 PM  #1

Lee Fowler

As you are now already  probably aware Ilkeston Town and Lee Fowler have parted company. This means that despite winning the League last season in dramatic style the club have now lost the services of the whole coaching staff. Lee Fowler, Ian Deakin, Craig Swinscoe and Martin Lench helped Ilkeston Town enjoy one of their most exciting seasons not just in the present form of the clubs short history but probably in the last fifty years.
Followers of the club will be bewildered by the present turn of events and to be honest who can blame them. No doubt there will be a master plan of how the club is to go forward from this point revealed in the near future. Fans will need reassuring that the club has a bright future!


30/7/2019 4:13 PM  #2

Re: Lee Fowler

Well just as you think that things have calmed a bit BANG this hits you . I seriously hope we can get someone at SHORT NOTICE !!!!


30/7/2019 4:58 PM  #3

Re: Lee Fowler

Who will take over AFTER tonight's game at Clifton ??


30/7/2019 9:27 PM  #4

Re: Lee Fowler

Top bloke top manager

All the best lee


31/7/2019 7:16 AM  #5

Re: Lee Fowler

Following the departure of Lee Fowler, what will happen next? Many players and others connected with the Club have been left contemplating their future following some unpopular decisions which have taken place since last season. The Club has been forced to cut costs and this has resulted in the loss of the manager, all three coaches and several players. There is a definite feeling of unease and frustration among many involved with the club at present.
The choice of Lee Fowler as manager when he arrived was not greeted with total enthusiasm. He struggled to get results away from home for a while but turned things around with a crucial win at Long Eaton. Following a 0-4 defeat against Walsall Wood It looked like we had blown our promotion chance but Lee made some brave decisions in the final two matches. Those decisions helped us win promotion by the narrowest of margins with two famous victories against Dunkirk and Loughborough University. Ilkeston were champions and Lee Fowler and the players were heroes. 

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31/7/2019 3:56 PM  #6

Re: Lee Fowler

It says in the Post he walked out after a row with AH


31/7/2019 9:44 PM  #7

Re: Lee Fowler

Press poo stirring


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