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02/9/2019 4:09 PM  #1

Welcome back Rod Orlando-Young

Rod Orlando Young has returned to Ilkeston Town. Rod played a big part in Ilkeston's final two matches which clinched promotion last season. He was outstanding in the penultimate match against Dunkirk and also in the never to be forgotten final match at Loughborough University, scoring in both matches


03/9/2019 10:07 AM  #2

Re: Welcome back Rod Orlando-Young

Apparently, Rod was finding it difficult at Bradford Park Avenue. We're more than willing to have him back. If he can play for us like he did against Dunkirk and Loughborough Uni last season, then we could now have a dual wing threat, Kevin Da Silva Bastos on one side and Rod Orlando Young on the other.

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04/9/2019 9:56 AM  #3

Re: Welcome back Rod Orlando-Young

Rod showed some great touches against Spalding and it was only after his introduction that the fans came to life. Before he came on our forwards laboured against a good Spalding defence. 

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